About Camera Club

Camera Club is a Pic of the Day website where the members get to choose the pics.


How does Camera Club work?

  1. Members rate each other's pics.

    You rate pics here from 1 star (lowest) to 5 stars (best), earning 1 credit for each pic you rate.

  2. Members submit their pics.

    When you have earned 5 credits you can submit your pic by uploading it here and giving it a title.

  3. The top rated pic becomes the Pic of the Day.

    At the start of each day, the highest rated pic becomes the Pic of the Day, as long as:

    • the pic was submitted at least 1 week ago, and

    • at least 25 members have rated the pic.

    See also our frequently asked questions page.


How do you become a member?

Camera Club is a free online club. If you haven't signed up already, click here to create your free account.

As soon as you have signed up you can start submitting your pics and rating other members' pics.


Camera Club's History


In March 2016 we introduced our themed challenges. We also removed the maximum limit of 5 concurrent submissions per person by introducing the credit system.

In May 2016 we added badges to recognise achievements on our site, along with the TOP PICS & TOGS tab at the top of each page.


In January 2014 we made some adjustments to the rating process, based on feedback received from our members.


November 2012 introduced a fundamental change to the way Camera Club operates. Before this time, the monthly competition winner was chosen by the Camera Club judges, and the theme competition winner by the members' votes. The Pic of the Day was a random selection of the runner-up photos. Since mid-November 2012 all the photos are rated by the members and at the beginning of each day the highest rated photo becomes the Pic of the Day.


The end of 2011 saw some more tweaks to the look & feel of our website's design.


In November 2008 we introduced our theme competition along with an updated look & feel for the website.


November 2007 saw some refreshing changes to the design of the Camera Club website. The functionality of the site remained the same. Around the same time we launched our first desktop print calendar, available for order from our website.


Mid 2006 saw substantial changes to the look, feel and functionality of the Camera Club website. Out went the bi-weekly image library updates and the proprietary image viewing software. In came the daily photo updates and a new-look website. The reasons for the changes were many and varied, but the aim of the website remains the same: to encourage South African photographers to view, download and share the wonders of captured light!


The website grew from strength to strength, and by the end of 2005 our newsletter was going out to over 700 photography enthusiasts.


Camera Club was started in 2001 by David Knox-Whitehead and Sean Stanton, with initial help from several members of the 'Maritzburg Camera Club who kindly allowed their excellent pics to be displayed on our website.